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Über uns

About the Brand

sincerely.Patience was founded in Summer 2020 with the ambition

to dress woman feminine & cozy; classic but with unique details.

The brand should inspire woman and give them the strength and

believe to achieve anything. The clothing should underline the

character and empower her to feel comfortable in her clothes.

sincerely.Patience is a reminder we all are beautiful the way we are

and we need to believe more in ourselves.

Over time every woman develops her signature style.

Be patient. Your path is paved and predetermined and with every

step you get closer to your goal.


Trust in You – Trust the Process 



About the Founders

the creative head studied fashion design and worked more than one

decade for well-known fashion brands

the drive for success and to reach higher goals paved the way to

finally find the courage to found an own company

the company’s operation head studied mechanical engineering and

founded in his early 20s his first company which today celebrates

many successes across Germany and is growing steadily

Hand in hand the symposium of the two founders offers the best

conditions to combine passion with knowledge to expand the

market with a new direction of unconventional feminine clothing